(Captains of The Imagination)

C.O.T.I. is a Hip Hop crew from Geneva, Switzerland. 4 vocalists (3 rappers & 1 singer/rapper) spit crazy flows while their DJ scratches over some of the illest productions the underground scene has to offer, courtesy of their very own beatmaker.

They deliver conscious lyrics in American English (their mother tongue) with a soulful, golden era vibe, and they have an incredible live energy you don’t want to miss.They have been hitting the studios, radios and scenes for several years now, garnering more and more attention from promoters, fellow artists, and of course their growing audience.

Their message? Peace and wisdom, with a bit of excitement and lots of fun to go with it. These guys are guaranteed to blow you away; they deserve to shine on the global stage and are well on their way to achieving it. Whether live or on wax, these cats give you what you need !